5 Major Tips with solving crosswords online


Solving crosswords is a part of the life for many individuals. Some begin their day with a cup of coffee and solving crosswords; while some take out some exclusive time in the evenings to spend some ‘me-time’ with the crosswords. More than 50% of the world relies on solving puzzles for a pastime—on mobile or on paper. Every year, across the globe, there are Crossword Puzzle Tournaments held with growing success rates. The core reason behind this is the building interests among the skilled crossword enthusiasts.

Are you one such aficionado of cracking cryptic puzzles? Have a quick read through the following tips that would be help any average solver to be the best in the country:

Fill in Those Blanks, First

Try covering the easy puzzles. These fill-in-the-blank puzzles have straightforward and simple clues. They are comparatively simpler than the other tricky questions. It is very much a pattern. Even the wittiest puzzles will have a couple of these. Knock out the blanks first.

Also, these blanks filling questions wouldn’t require you to analyze for the answer much.

 The Best Friend: Google

Some people might have self-control on using Google. These are the same people who feel self-competitive while solving puzzles on a daily basis. Don’t be one. JGI (Just Google It)! Big or small, weekends or weekdays; your crossword solving sessions will need an assistance. Juts open the new tab and Google queries that cause a pause.

Searching and clarifying the crossword queries at the same time as their occurrence, will be of a great help on the long run.

 Learn the Little Somethings

It might be just a simple geometry question or a very basic and factual geography question. You need to progress from simpler ones to the tougher ones. Some generally don’t follow this outline and end up getting disappointed. Following the learning curve and growing along the tangent will help a person to score better in the activities. Also, there are chances that

Do not ignore those little somethings; once getting well versed with those, try out more complex crosswords.

 Repetition Is a Boon

Try to identify all the repeated words that occur while solving the crosswords online. Crosswords, generally, have the same words and answers that occur every now and then. Mark those words and try to note them down or at least recognize them every time a new puzzle is solved. Just like every word added to your vocabulary stands to have an importance, let these words have it too.

Mere remembering them won’t suffice; being able to recognize them would be the best thing to do.

Keeping One’s Cool

This is the utmost important requirement that balances everything surrounding your problem-solving abilities. Puzzles are problems that need to be solved, right? Then why shouldn’t you have your mind compose and still; free from all odd thoughts?  Absolutely you should. Getting stuck at a clue can be irksome, but frustrating over the same won’t help you in any positive way.

So, heading out for a cool mint shake before starting with the online crossword or having a control over one’s behavior and thoughts will take care of a huge majority of trouble. Saving you time as well as efforts.

Kick that lazy brain out and allow it to get the taste of these effortless methods of solving the crosswords faster.

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