Sudoku or Crossword – the age old battle of which one is better!

So, what is better? Crosswords or Sudoku? Let’s try to settle this age old battle once and for all, shall we?

First things first, here is what both of them have in common – they use our senses of combinations, permutations and probability. The thing that is uncommon is the usage of vocabulary. That said, both of these could easily get nightmarishly difficult. For the people with an upper hand on vocabulary along with the access to thesaurus, Crosswords are definitely going to be the first choice as they also exercise your memory. For the one who have a limited vocabulary, they will prefer Sudoku as it does not include recall and is a fixed system, localized gameplay.

Now both Crossword and Sudoku demand a lot of guesswork. The only difference is that Sudoku is the one of the two which does progress linearly, which means one can move ahead in just one direction with just a single guess and it cannot be left open for solving later. This in turn has the potential of completely messing up the board. However, for crosswords, guesswork can be left and the table can be approached from another angle; the puzzle can still be worked out. This does make it easier to work out, no? Furthermore, for crosswords, a lot of humor and wit is used on the player’s part, helping them improve their vocabulary. For Sudoku, on the other hand, only the cognition of a player is put into use. Even though this of course stands as a personal choice, one cannot really gain anything new from Sudoku. It is more of an instant gratification followed by forgetting it. So doing Crosswords will most definitely help you learn a new thing, generally speaking.

Speaking of benefits, many stand to believe that Sudoku help exercise attention abilities and concentration power, along with making new memories. And since they do so, they are believed to get transferred or generalized to those things that middle aged and the older adults are required to do for maximizing and/or creating new memories. Many may even argue that if the difficulty levels are to be compared for the two, for given solvable puzzles, then the more common choice would be Sudoku. A solved Sudoku can look massively random to a lesser informed person. For the more difficult Sudoku puzzles, a mere guesswork would lead nowhere and a trial and error method just seems out of question, given how long it can take to give fruitful results. For Crosswords, on the other hand, all the things entered are words, which means that putting some linguistic assumption, one can obtain clues that can help them solve even if they have in reality no idea about it. Let’s take an example. The clue is, “where the xyz happened”; so you know it is the name of a place. Or say, the clue is, “An actress who lost xyz pounds for the epic role”, so you know it is a name of a person. All of these clues tremendously narrow down the things. The hardest of the clues can all help narrow down the answer, eventually confirming them. However hard and long it might seem, the trial and error method can eventually work.

Whatever the differences and argument between the two are prevalent, both Sudoku and Crossword are definitely associated with brain training, memory improvement and other cognitive purposes. There are good and bad to both, but the fanatics will definitely stick to what they believe in. At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preferences and priorities, as to which one is indeed better than the other. What is your pick?

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